Published in 2020

 In this third installment; "Destroyed : Director's Cut", Justin Aerni brings you the highest quality image representations, the most unique and powerful work from the previous book, more than 50 new never before seen works along with behind the scenes photographs of the whole creation process. Buckle up! - It's a bumpy dark ride straight down into the abyss. 

Published in 2017

The sequel to American Trash, Destroyed is a compilation of over one hundred of the best destroyed photography works by the artist, Justin Aerni. 

Justin Aerni Sucks!

Published in 2016

A collection of eighty original black & white drawings created by the artist Justin Aerni. 

Published in 2014

A compilation of analog photographs collected and altered by artist, Justin Aerni, using his own original & unusual post production style. An observation of modern American culture. 

Published in 2014

Jean Durrem’s past is a mystery, not only to everyone around him but to himself as well. He walks through life trying to pick up the pieces and solve his own mystery. Things are actually starting to look up for Jean when he decides to make a conscious change and open himself up to move on from the wreckage of his past and finally appreciate the life he now has with his boyfriend Derek, but while traveling to Portland, Jean’s plane is brought down by an unknown assailant. You must now carefully navigate Jean’s broken mind to determine what is real and what is not; to unravel the truth that is so deeply hidden after the crash. Fast paced, suspenseful and strangely romantic, Safari into the underworld is a perfectly contrived enigma that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Published in 2012

Justin Aerni's Bitter Batter Brains is a collection of poetry and art containing 81 selected poems/prose with over 50 works of original art. 

Published in 2011

An intimate look into the minds of artists such as; Gus Fink , Rt Vegas , Chris Lynch , Justin Aerni , Brian Gooding , Nicolas Caesar, Gabriel Vrooman and Tmnk. What's inside ? Rare in depth never before read interviews , artist biographies and original art from each artist. 

Graphic Novel Published in 2009

This devilishly dark and humorous satire carves the tale of three greedy business men who, after a tragic plane accident, are doomed to spend eternity as death insurance sellers for the most corrupt of all corporations, Hell. After they break down their fiery cubicle walls and ultimately make their escape they find themselves thrown full circle to a place only slightly more comfortable than the previous surrounds. 

Published In 2009

Experimental poetry and art by Justin Aerni. A visual & lyrical ride into the subconscious mind. 

Published in 2008

A series of original poems and art from the artist Justin Daniel Aerni. 

Published in 2012

An art zine to compliment and accompany Justin Aerni's first solo art show at the Fun House Gallery in Detroit Michigan in 2013. This art zine is full of original drawings, digital art and mixed media artwork by Justin Aerni. 

Published in 2014

PEPTFIM Co. handbook for new employees. First Edition. 

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